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Soap Opera Digest, 1990. Jack & Kristina and new parenthood. 

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Jack Talks To You!

from the September, 1994 issue of Daytime TV 

[Editorial Comment: Jack has always understood Frisco&Felicia and their importance to the audience.]

Just as Jack Wagner (Frisco, GH) returned to his role on the popular ABC Soap, (his second day back as a matter of fact), we received a call at the DTV offices from his car phone while driving on the freeway!

Was it kind of a deja vu when you returned back to the GH set?
Jack: It was kind of like going back to your hometown. It was very nice and I got to see a bunch of people I had not met up with in three to four years. It was great.

Now that you have been primarily concentrating on stage work, what new experiences did you bring back to the show?
Jack: It didn’t change a thing in terms of my acting. I have been doing stage things since 1978. I was just able to get back on stage recently in the Los Angeles area. The stage is nothing new for me, that is where I started my career.

That was They’re Playing Our Song?
Jack: That’s right. It is a two-person play for two and one-half hours. It’s Neil Simon, with quick, bantering dialogue. It has a lot of dry wit and charm. It really takes a lot of concentration and an enormous amount of energy to do Neil Simon, especially with music. It actually kind of whipped my butt into shape a little bit to come back to the show.

What do you mean?
Jack: Being away from soaps is like going to the gym for the first time in four years, and all you’ve been doing  during that time is eating Twinkies.

What do you think General Hospital fans should expect from Frisco and Felicia, if they should expect anything at all in the near future?
Jack: I would hope a few good laughs and a lot of good sex! I really think people would want to laugh, cry and be touched [by] the years they were on together and I think the writers knew that too.

What are your plans for the future?
Jack: I am looking into a couple of Broadway shows now and it will be the stage for me for the rest of the year. I’m very excited about it.

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From the first Q&A with Wagner World, 2/4/13

@WagnerWorldNews: What does it mean to you that after all this time there is such a demand from fans for a character that hasn’t been seen in eighteen years?

Jack: It’s overwhelming. Life is truly unpredictable n this is an example of that. I never thought I would play Frisco again. 2 have response from the fans has humbled me beyond words.. Thank you all.

@WagnerWorldNews: So not only was Frisco one of the most beloved characters ever, but Frisco & Felicia are one of the greatest super couples in the history of daytime.  What was it like working with Kristina again after all of this time?

Jack: Kristina and I have worked very hard on ourselves as well as together 2 b present and available parents given our divorce. To work together and recreate the characters of Frisco & Felicia has been a whole different ball game. We were both nervous as well as committed to evolving these characters, yet maintain the charm and chemistry that these two young lovers possessed. When we’re onscreen together something natural happens.. I hope it still works for the GH’s been a blessing 2 say the least…

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Wagner World conducted a Q&A with Jack around the time of his GH Return in 2013. The following is an excerpt.

@WagnerWorldNews:  What did you feel when Kristina said her first line to you “Frisco.. ” The passion in both of your eyes was amazing. (Submitted by Emily Note)

Jack: The truth? We were both choked up and VERY emotional. We didn’t discuss it we just let it be what it was. Sometimes in acting emotions hit when you least expect and sometimes they come when you expect. In our case there was no stopping anything. What you see is very real and deep.

@WagnerWorldNews: Did they develop a backstory for what went on when the characters were supposedly off-screen together before Georgie died? (Submitted by @danzerotti on twitter)

Jack: That unfolds a few episodes down the road. When Frisco addresses the issue of his absence as well as his pain of missing his daughters death there is a DEEP DEEP view of his hidden pain and underlying agony of the choices he’s made in his life. Kristina was amazing in these scenes…

Thank you all again for your support and love.

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a little foretaste… the morning of Frisco & Felicia’s second wedding, January 26th, 1990 (my baby’s got a secret…)

a little foretaste… the morning of Frisco & Felicia’s second wedding, January 26th, 1990 (my baby’s got a secret…)

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Jack Wagner, Soap Opera Digest, June 19, 1984 Interview

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Jack and Kristina Wagner, Weddings of a Lifetime Episodes from 1995-1996

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F&Fers go hard—it’s the only way we know how—in the November, 1986 issue of Daytime TV’s “You The Viewer” section.

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Daytime TV, November 1986. Kristina Wagner [then Malandro] dishes on Jack Wagner’s Antics.

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Christmas, 1986 Collage

Christmas, 1986 Collage

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still love this gif a twitter pal made me more than a year ago. F&F tussle on the morning after thanksgiving, 1985.

still love this gif a twitter pal made me more than a year ago. F&F tussle on the morning after thanksgiving, 1985.

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the many faces and moods of Ruby

Ruby Knows…Frisco & Felicia!

I had the occasion score a much sought-after interview with an F&F Expert-in-the-making. Her swimming schedule keeps her pretty busy, so she agreed to let me send her questions through her publicist/mother, Petrina.

The thoughts Ruby—she is famous enough in our circles to be known by only one name—shared with me are her own, unedited, uncensored. In other words, Pure Ruby Brilliance. 

Q: What do you like about Frisco & Felicia?

A: They are romantic. They love each other.

Q: What scene/moment is your favorite and why?

A:  When the money flies out of her fur coat on the motorcycle and she is holding on to him. 

Q: Do you think they belong together now?

A: Yes!!! (editor’s note: She said I had to put three exclamation marks.)

Q: Anything else you want to share about these characters?

A: I like the wedding because they are romantic. I like their kissing and snuggling. When he came to her and said sorry when they were all wet outside. I like when she was pregnant he was sweet. It is romantic. I like when she was a nerd and saved him and they were so funny.

editor’s note: Ruby put on lipstick for this interview. She already knows how it’s done.

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1994 moments in isolation and Fattal 2 filter collage

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Need an avi for #1987FriscoandFeliciaDay ? Maybe one of these will work.

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1985 Images